Hi, this is Jim Simpson. I am starting a blog called “Middle Ground”.

Hi friends,

I am starting a blog which I intend to use to share thoughts and ideas I have with a wide range of people I know.  People I don’t know are welcome too.  One of my favorite sayings is “For every difficult or complex problem there is an easy solution…and it is wrong.”  There are many sides to virtually all important questions and I tend to be “in the middle” on many if not most of them.  I am pretty “gray” in my thinking and find few things that are “black or white.”  That being said, I hope to use this blog to learn and to share.   More soon.



3 thoughts on “Hi, this is Jim Simpson. I am starting a blog called “Middle Ground”.”

  1. Jim, your candid, authentic self is coming through loud and clear. And, middle ground. I resonate to that, especially issues that may appear simple, but peal a few layers and discover the complexities.
    Can’t linger now, though. In the middle of my own “must do” list. Do you have a sign on for future notifications of blog postings?
    Happy New Year friend.

  2. Jim, I really enjoyed reading your blog, you brought up alot of important points and really made me think about things. I’m like many americans right now not really liking our choses, but I feel compelled as an american to vote as the fate of our country is very important. Back in the mid 90’s when Bill Clinton was in office my mother was visiting me and out of the blue she said “Hilary will be our first female president” This was long before Hilary even talked about it,and I thought to myself “where did that comment come from”( this was before the Alzheimers set in) My mother was always into politics and very involved with keeping up on our gvernment. Thanks again Jim for the blog!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Peggy. I always liked your Mom and it is interesting that she was able to predict the future. You might like seeing the PBS Frontline special on the two candidates. It is an insightful look in their histories. It was done in September before the sex scandal and wikileaks releases and focuses on what makes them both who they are. You don’t exactly walk away feeling any better, but it is a fair and detailed look at them both – warts and all. I think it might just be titled Clinton and Trump or something like that. Take Care always Cuz, Jim

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